Event // Self Made City: Mechanisms of Alternative Urban Development

Case study presentations and a round table discussion realized by Kristien Ring/AA PROJECTS,
in dialogue with local and international guests.
13 June 2015, 3pm at Czech Centre,
Wilhelmstraße 44, Entrance Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin

SELF MADE CITY focuses on the architectural and urban qualities self-initiated development and how these can be transferred as principles to new projects in the conditions of other cities. How can new processes in architectural production contribute to a sustainable urban development and which policy adjustments enable new typologies and hybrid programs? An international look at the synergies between self-initiated development and urban planning policy.

FORMAT: A series of short (between 5 and 20 min.) impulse lectures followed by a round table discussion on “Development – Program – Typology, looking to define transferable models”




Tina Saaby
Tina Saaby has been the Chief City Architect of Copenhagen since September 2010. Tina graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture in 1997. She has many years of experience as an architect, partly as Partner of the architectural firm Witraz Architects in Copenhagen and was the former Vice President of the Danish Architects´ Association. Tina Saaby is Visiting Professor at Sheffield University and external examiner at The University of Roskilde, The University of Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Furthermore, Tina is the Chairman of the Advisory board at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Prof. Irena Bauman
Irena Bauman is a practicing architect and a founding director of Bauman Lyons Architects. She is a Professor at Sheffield University School of Architecture. Her practice and research are concerned with how architecture and architectural thinking can facilitate local communities to mitigate, adapt and become more resilient to the uncertainties that lie ahead. She recently completed research projects funded by TSB to develop Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for commercial buildings. Her new book: ‘Retrofitting Neighbourhoods –Designing for Change’ of international case studies of neighbourhood scale project that are paving the way towards transformative change is due to be published later this year.

Ute Elisabeth Weiland
Ute Elisabeth Weiland is the Deputy Director of the Alfred Herrhausen Society, Deutsche Bank’s international forum. Since 2004, she is member of the Executive Board of the Urban Age conference series at the London School of Economics, and from 2010 member of the Governing Board of LSE Cities. Ute has coordinated the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award from it’s beginning in 2007. She co-edited the book ‘Handmade Urbanism – from Community Initiatives to Participatory Models’ together with the architect Marcos Rosa. Ute graduated from the Academy of Music in Weimar. After unification she became Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State for Education in Saxony. In 1997, she co-founded the Erich Pommer Institute for Media Law and Media Management at the University of Potsdam and was it’s Deputy Managing Director until 2003. Ute Weiland is a member of the German-Israeli Young Leaders Exchange of the Bertelsmann Foundation and Young Leaders of the Atlantik Brücke.

Tuukka Linnas
Tuukka Linnas has worked as an architect on different scales of projects from housing design to city planning. He is working in the Helsinki City Planning Department as part of the team responsible for detailed planning of the Kalasatama district.

Prof. Eric Firley
Eric Firley, of German-French origin, is assistant professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture. Before joining the institution in 2011, he practiced several years in Paris and London as an architect, project manager and urban designer. He is the main author and initiator of Wiley’s Urban Handbook Series.

Florian Köhl
Florian Köhl founded FAT KOEHL ARCHITECTS in Berlin in 2002, spearheading the development of alternative architectural production models, and the new co-housing building approach. The practice won the Berlin Architecture Award in 2009. Florian has researched and taught at Technische Universität Berlin and the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. He is also co-founder of the NBBA (Network of Co-housing Architects in Berlin), Teameleven and Instant City, Berlin.

Dr. Klaus Boemer
Dr. Klaus Boemer (58) has more than 20 years of experience in German real estate and is today Managing Director of Gewobag EB Entwicklungs- und Baubetreuungsgesellschaft mbH, the transaction service company of Gewobag, a state-owned housing company in Berlin. Before that, he held several management positions in real estate firms, e.g. Deutsche Wohnen Corporate Real Estate GmbH, the CORESTATE Group or Cerberus Deutschland Beteiligungs-beratung GmbH. In all these positions he was responsible for portfolio management, acquisitions, due diligence and sales.

Dr. Paola Alfaro d’Alençon 
Dr. Paola Alfaro d’Alençon is an architect and urban planner. She is a senior researcher and lecturer for Urban Design and Theory at the Chair of International Urbanism and Design – Habitat Unit, Technische Universität Berlin. At this University she has also (co-)founded the Urban Research and Design Laboratory. She researches about a wide range of issues related to (international) urbanism, urban development and governance. Her work includes also international practice in architecture and urban design as well as consulting for diverse national and international organisations.

Sam Brown
Sam Brown is a researcher for the NaCSBA Research & Development Programme, including researching Collective Custom Build and Right to Build legislation. From the UK perspectve, Germany–and Berlin in particular–is considered to be a European leader in enabling citizen-led development of its cities, including ‘Baugruppe’ and ‘Genossenschaft’ models, as well as in mechanisms for land reallocation in rural areas. These models are of keen interest to local authorities in the UK, who are looking for ways to respond to recent legislation that could underpin a resurgence of citizen-led development. Our research work with NaCSBA focuses on extracting practical tools and best practice from abroad to assist UK local authorities with this challenge.

Kristien Ring
Kristien Ring heads the interdisciplinary studio AA PROJECTS in Berlin, working as an architect, urbanist, curator, designer and publicist. Curator of the URBAN LIVING exhibition, currently showing at the DAZ, Berlin. Author and editor of SELF MADE CITY Berlin, Self-initiated Urban Living and Architectural Interventions, 2013 and URBAN LIVING 2015 both JOVIS. Director of the DAZ German Architecture Center 2004–11. Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida (2015).

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