Exhibition Element // Ours: Inclusion—Intrusion

The installation is a representation of the ‘private’ we all carry with us and an illustration of the advantage and possibility of sharing objects and space. It is not the kind of space itself, but the personal bits and pieces that truly make spaces our own.

The cage delineates a private realm, but is ambiguously incomplete, posing the question of what type of enclosure we need in order to feel secure—as if we are in our own very private place.

Personal items are pushed out—extended into the public realm. The table is offered to the outside, beckoning to ‘come play with me’: an invitation, an extension of the private domain. If the furniture was entirely contained within the private space, it would be cramped—caged-in.

The transient nature of the furniture therefore suggests being advantageous to both sides. In this respect the ‘ours’ can be interpreted from the private and public domains equally.

Posing the questions: How much space can we ‘re-acquire’ if we share? Can ‘private’ remain if we share? What does privacy mean to us? What do ‘we’, as the public, gain from sharing in urban living?

By Trudy Bittner Rosser

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