Self Made City Project // Spreefeld / Die Zusammenarbeiter + carpaneto + fatkoehl + BAR architekten

Gemeinschaftsorientierte, experimentelle und gemischte Nachbarschaft bewahrt den öffentlichen Zugang zur Spree / Community-focused, Experimental and Mixed-use Neighborhood Opens up the Spree to the Public

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Urban Living Berlin, BARArchitekten, Oderberger Strasse

Self Made City Project // Oderberger Strasse 56 / BARarchitekten

Hybride flexible Architektur unterstützt eine grundlegende Mischung und aktiviert so die Urbanität /
Hybrid, flexible architecture supports a vital mix, activating the urban environment

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Architect Statement // BARarchitekten

Urban Base

Just as an ecosystem consists of a complex mixture of organisms living in a particular medium, the city is also, by necessity, a mixture of people, and their varied economic, social and cultural activities, living together in the shared medium “city”. Modern developments, built to satisfy just one style of living, live off a drip feed provided by the existing city. The ecology of the city – urbanity – cannot depend on this diminishing historical fabric forever. We need to make new buildings that can positively contribute to this medium.

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Urban Living Project // Team BARarchitekten

Aufstockung und Umnutzung des Bestands mit funktionalen Remix /
Addition of Stories und Reuse with a New Functional Mixed-Use

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