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Participate // We want your thoughts!

Do you have examples of particularly good (or bad) living spaces, housing projects, interventions or public places in your city? Which spaces have potential, and what makes your city unique? What qualities are needed in urban living spaces today?


Send us photos and comments, and we’ll post them on the main page of the blog as an ‘User Upload’, we’re excited to see your thoughts!



Poll // Which modern form of apartment living would suit your lifestyle?

Living spaces need to become more efficient as they meet the spatial constraints and higher land values of a growing city. In exchange, apartment dwellers have increased access to the vitality and amenity of city life. Any compromises made on the size, layout, location and function of living spaces should be personal choices, based on individual lifestyles and circumstances.

Which modern use of living space would suit your lifestyle? (several answers possible)

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Self Made City Project // Spreefeld / Die Zusammenarbeiter + carpaneto + fatkoehl + BAR architekten

Gemeinschaftsorientierte, experimentelle und gemischte Nachbarschaft bewahrt den öffentlichen Zugang zur Spree / Community-focused, Experimental and Mixed-use Neighborhood Opens up the Spree to the Public

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Event // Exhibition at COAM

URBAN LIVING Strategies for the Future – Exhibition at COAM (Center For Architecture Madrid) in Madrid, Spain.
1 October – 15 November, 2015

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Architect Statement // FAT Koehl architects

“In order to create opportunities for expanding the potential of usage of spaces, architecture has to provide new forms of typologies, combined with extra spaces outside personal ownership”.

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Event // Urban Space Activation with Marcos L. Rosa

Photo Documentation of the Urban Space Activation Walk with Marcos L. Rosa and Kristien Ring

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